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RULES (please read)
1. For the first 7* people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will Stalk the living ball out of  your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I'll feature you after you've made the journal.

1. Xxhot-mindsxX85 Good and Evil by Xxhot-mindsxX85  
Ok lets start off with the Boo thang hur.  She is a great Traditional artist and looks like shes creeping into that digital medium real soon wink wink nudge nudge.  This Picture I would love to say actually attracted me to her gallery, other then her colorful personality also.  But don't let this one pic sell you short, she has a whole gallery full of beautiful pieces.  Also she colors WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY better then me, and I envy her skills.  Her and someone else lol.
2.helios485 A battle of Gods and God Killers V2 by helios485 Unsettling Bribe (remastered) by helios485 
Oh man this guy.  This guy right here, Single handily, is the unknown inspiration to some up coming projects I have going on.  This guys involvement in the, now dead, Godmode AU was so strong to me I just had to continue it.  These characters of his were also great means of inspiration for said projects, I mean look at them.  FUCKING CRAZY RIGHT, these things are fuggin awesome, and the one with the phoenix over there might look a little familiar to some of you.  Alls i know, when i get the project rolling soon, This is the guy i'm coming too when once the ball gets rolling.
3.ParzifalsJudgment Did Someone Say Godmode by ParzifalsJudgment 
This person has a wide gallery and it was hard to pic which one to use, so I caved and used the one from the Godmode.  I mean look at his damper ass, mmm get them ladies all hot and bothered.  You go son.  Anyways I definitely enjoy the creativity from Parz, especially when you stream through their gallery.  Like one second you think "oh well thats nice", then BAMM you're like "OH SHIT, I DIDN"T KNOW THEY COULD DRAW THAT"  " WHERE IS ALL THIS SKILL COMING FROM" THEN YA HEAD FRIGGIN EXPLODES
But in all seriousness, this is a person you guys should look out for.  Its a great artist on the horizon for sure
5.ErinSoup South Park/Soul Eater 2015 by ErinSoup Bear Skull by ErinSoup
Erin Erin Erin erinnnnnnn; this is one of my oldest and probably one of my first DA friends, and let me tell you a thing. Since our humble beginnings, shes improved waaaaayyyyy beyond what I thought a normal person could do.  I mean that South Park pic up there, you see it?  Yeah that use to be pixel art (i think) back in the day.  Now look at it.  The shading gives off a eerie atmosphere, the expressions are all original to each character.  I mean, geez, stop getting better at this art thing, your gonna be God like ya weirdo.  The bear skull is also very new to me, I almost missed it actually, but I'm glad i saw it when I did.  Not only has her skills grown in both color and character, but now she can draw animals better then me.  I mean the symmetry of the skull is almost near perfect, I'm jealous of your skills good madam.   I can't wait to see what you'll be like in the near future   
6.Jazz-Rhythm Empire State of Mind by Jazz-Rhythm She is a Witch by Jazz-Rhythm
Woooo, ok this ones gonna be a doosy.  So I met Jazzy Jazz here on the Godmode thing, and I'm super glad I did.  I MEAN COME ON LOOK AT THAT ART, I MEAN...>GLAKJHDL:KFJALSDKFJODISAFJDKJF:LKDJSAF:.....Seriously, nah brah, no one can be this good.  Dude look at both of those pictures; don't even talk, just look at them.  Let your eyes eat up all that glory, all that color, all the perfectness.  Nope, nope, you should all be watching this one.  NO you don't have an excuse, GO watch them NOW.  
MelCairoRose Time To Fight by MelCairoRose
There was another pic I wanted to use, but my hands hurt soo...This is my friend Rose.  Another Godmode friend, and probably a very memorable one at best.  Rose is also the reason why some projects are being made, wink wonk.  But it wouldn't have even been a thought with out her Godmode you see here.  I love how she has the rainbow fist and the permanent "attitude" look on her face.  She be mean muggin like a boss. She rocking the cap like she own the place, and how she draws her in all the action poses, you can't help but notice a character like that.  Shes also, to me anyways, the most modern looking God so far, so another plus on her side really.  Can't wait to do more with this character soon.
8. blackfrost08 LotF: Jack, Mask by blackfrost08
Ok Blacky first some heat.  Why you no talk to me no moe, I miss the days when we were all pals.  You know the good Ol days by the creek, shoot nazis...where does the time go.  Ok back to the pic.  Now It said it was a mask but I didn't trust the fine print, so I printed the sucker out, cut out the eye holes, and what ya know its freaking mask. (I have pictures of me running around with it on else where)  Lets start off simple, the design is very straight forward (which I adore really) simplicity is always good in my book.  It gives off a Good and Evil vibe...a ying and yang if you will.  I definitely loved the switched eye color too.  Got a homie feeling like Terra from Kingdom hearts, you know me so well 
9.nouge Feliz Aniversario by nouge 
Nouge, in my opinion, is probably the cutest couple I have ever seen on the internet, and I have a roommate that does this internet dating thing ( which is pretty funny to watch)  The love that this piece shows for Her and her girl is so wonderful, I have very little words.  I honestly love everything else they do, along with there significant other, but this picture here will always catch my eye.  I wish you both the best.
Alo-chanX Black Rock Shooter! by Alo-chanX
Me and Alo have been great friends for about...2 years now?  And I've seen and heard her talk about Ass Ass ins Creed and megaman stuff on skype and DA, till my ears started to bleed.  But there is one thing we can both agree on, and that is Black Rock shooter is some cool shit.  I think this is the only one in her gallery thats full body, and I and in loves with it.  Definitely needs to draw more you lil freakazoid 


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I'm back and looking for work lol

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